Preventive examinations + check-up in the private practices of MEOCLINIC

Our service:

  • Comprehensive basic check up
  • Creation of individual check up programs
  • Radiology in house

Prevention and screening in the private practices of MEOCLINIC

The MEOCHECK – For your health

How important health is, you often realize only when you no longer have it. Everyone who has ever been seriously ill knows how true this sentence is. Understandably, therefore, physical and mental well-being has top priority for many people, even before professional success and private happiness. This is also true for us.

The aim of our preventive examinations is to detect diseases in good time, to prevent them and to maintain your health. For this purpose, we offer comprehensive early detection examinations as well as preventive measures as part of the MEOCHECK, which can be adapted to your individual needs.

The MEOCHECK is performed by our medical experts without exception.