We see the signs – before you become ill.

We often recognise the importance of health only after it is lost. Everyone who has ever suffered a serious illness knows how true this statement is. It therefore comes as no surprise that physical and emotional well-being is for many people much more important than professional or private success in life. We think the same way: MEOCHECK offers comprehensive preventative measures to maintain your physical and mental health, and to sustainably improve your quality of life and vitality. Our screening and check-up examinations serve the important purpose of maintaining health and preventing illness – to ensure that you will never have to become one of our patients.

Basis Programme

The basic preventive screening includes a general medical check-up of approximately 90 minutes. In addition to the medical services, the…
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Premium Programme

The Premium preventive screening includes a general medical check-up as well as basic cardiological and dermatological tests. The programme…
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Superior Programme

The Superior Programme includes all the benefits of the Premium programme as well as radiological, orthopedic, urological/gynecological and…
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