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It is both the largest and most multifunctional organ in the human body. And yet, the skin receives much less attention than it is due – we don’t agree with that! Our skin is supposed to protect us from harmful environmental effects and control our metabolic processes – in short: its purpose is to maintain our inner balance – and sometimes it simply all becomes too much. Our specialists see the skin as the “mirror image of our soul.” That is why our treatments are based on a holistic approach.

Our offering encompasses general conservative dermatology as well as dermatologic surgery. Our focal points here include skin cancer screening and cosmetic dermatology. We work with state of the art technology, including computer-aided diagnostic equipment and laser systems. Depending on the relevant indication, alternative treatment methods (e.g. acupuncture) and traditional therapies, but also latest procedures find application in our hospital. We maintain ongoing contacts with external colleagues and contribute actively in cross-disciplinary scientific fora to guarantee continuously high standards of patient care tailored to individual requirements – so that you can feel good in your skin!

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