Is your heart skipping a beat? Not to worry: The centre for cardiology and internal medicine at MEOCLINIC specialises in the treatment of cardio-vascular disorders and their prevention. All the examinations and diagnostic processes on offer for internal-cardiological issues are absolutely state of the art. Specific questions posed by referring colleagues, as well as your own personal interest in your health and well-being are very important for us.

In addition to routine consultation hours for outpatient and inpatient treatments, we focus specifically on the provision of preventive health checks. These check-ups are all carried out by specialists, and will cater to the specific needs of each patient. Over the past decades, diagnostic options for cardio-vascular diseases have vastly improved with the advent of highly informative medical technology, including high-resolution imaging. Non-invasive diagnostics, state of the art sonography and computer tomography (CT) scans of the cardiac cycle system have long since become standard procedures at our hospital.

Plus we will never rush through your appointment and will give you all the time you need to ask questions: During a health check-up, diagnostics to get to the bottom of vague discomforts, or in the treatment and aftercare of known cardio-vascular diseases. It is of great importance to us that you understand every detail of your diagnosis and therapy.

The treatment of cardio-vascular diseases encompasses three key points:

  • Preventive health checks
  • Diagnostics of nonspecific discomforts, and
  • Treatment and aftercare for manifested cardio-vascular diseases

That involves the following three steps

Firstly: What is your risk of having a heart attack?

A very important approach to preventing cardio-vascular disorders is an efficient and in-depth health check. That includes a careful study of your personal medical history and that of your family, a clinical examination, and – depending on your risk profile – additional tests. Asymptomatic risk factors, like high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and diabetes mellitus should be excluded from the get-go. With all this information at hand, your individual risk can be assessed correctly, and a therapeutic intervention plan can be developed as needed.

Secondly: You suffer from unexplained aches and pains?

Chest pains, irregular heart beat, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, or a sudden loss of energy among other symptoms can all suggest an existing cardio-vascular disorder. The centre for cardiology and internal medicine at MEOCLINIC offers a wealth of diagnostic options. In addition to the excellent expertise of our specialists, we rely on next generation diagnostic technology.

Thirdly: If you have already been diagnosed with a heart condition …

… we would be very happy to welcome you in our care!

The 21st century multi-point approach in cardio-vascular therapy can pose a challenge for the attending cardiologist – and of course for the patient. We will gladly take over your ongoing diagnostics or therapy, and handle your post-op care or catheter interventions.

Talk to us – we will always have time to listen to your concerns and look forward to your visit!

The Experts at the centre for cardiology and internal medicine

You are in safe hands