The core task of reconstructive surgery is to restore tissues damaged as a result of trauma or cancer surgery, to compensate the functionality loss and to reconstruct the patient’s body, providing him with high quality of life.

Unlike aesthetic surgery, the main goal of reconstructive surgery is to restore the fundamental physical functions. The surgeon corrects and reconstructs the skin, soft tissues, muscles, tendons and peripheral nerves.

In MEOCLINIC we offer an extensive list of services in the field of reconstructive surgery that includes scar revision, skin and soft tissues reconstruction, muscle transposition, nerve microsurgery, breast reconstruction, figure correction after significant weightloss, and much more.

In addition to the excellent surgical skills, high accuracy plays the key role in reconstructive surgery. This is regarding not only the reconstruction of the affected organs’ functionality, but also restoring the individual shape that would satisfy your aesthetic views.

Our specialist in the department of reconstructive surgery try their hardest to offer each patient the best individual solution.

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