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Transgender Surgery
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Transgender Surgery at the MEOCLINIC in Berlin-Mitte

Our medical expert team in Berlin-Mitte is available for short-notice appointments.

A sex reassignment surgery is a big step for you as a patient. We will be happy to assist you in this process and help you fulfill your wish.


A sex reassignment procedure is always preceded by a detailed indication consultation at the MEOCLINIC private practices where you can clarify all medical and personal questions. Your doctor will inform you in detail about individual surgical steps and techniques and provide explanations on possible risks and complications.

Our Experts

Dr. med. Paul Jean Daverio

Dr. med.
Paul Jean Daverio

Facharzt für Plastische- und Wiederherstellungs-Chirurgie, Mikrochirurgie


Schwerpunkt geschlechtsangleichende Operationen

Dr. med. Paul Jean Daverio

Dr. med.
Paul Jean Daverio


Dr. med. Paul Jean Daverio

Dr. med.
Paul Jean Daverio


Our Treatment Scope

  • Sex Reassignment Female to Male (FtM)
  • Sex Reassignment Male to Female (MtF)
  • Erectile Prosthetics and Scrotoplasty
  • Secondary Surgery in case of complications


Our goal is to provide the best possible result for you as a patient. Sex reassignment surgery aims for natural aesthetics as well as optimal function and sensitivity.

We will gladly discuss all further details with you in a personal consultation session. We look forward to you contacting us.

If you wish to learn more about the treatment in advance, please find detailed information (in German) here.


Eine Störung im Ablauf der Hormonproduktion führt zu einer Über- oder Unterfunktion der endokrinen Organe, infolge dessen es zu Bluthochdruck, Herzrhythmusstörungen aber auch der Ausbildung von Tumoren kommen kann.

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