Young patients are not simply “little adults” – but in many facilities they are still treated as if that were true. Their pain experience and their fear of a doctor’s visit, and specifically the fear of having a serious health issue is a much bigger concern for children and adolescents than it is for adult patients. We know that and react with the necessary empathy. The diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases or those that occur only or primarily in children and adolescents are an important concern for us.

The focal points in paediatrics are:

  • Paediatric treatment and consultation from birth up to the age of 18
  • Preventive health checks
    • Check-ups U2 – U9
    • Check-up U7a (at the age of 3)
    • Check-up U10 (at the age of 7-8)
    • Check-up U11 (at the age of 9-10)
    • Preventive health checks for adolescents
    • Check-up J1 (at the age of 12-14)
    • Check-up J2 (at the age of 16-17)
    • Youth employment health check
    • General health checks
    • For sports, kindergarten, nursery school etc.
  • Vaccinations (in compliance with the German Standing Committee on Vaccination, STIKO)
  • Diagnostics and treatment for acute and chronic disorders
  • Explanation of benefits and risks of drug treatment
  • Prevention of health risks for patients by assessing benefits and
  • Risks of diagnostic and therapeutic measures.

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