When is a man really a man? When he feels great in his own body! Kidney disease as well as disorders of the urinary tracts or male genitals are a sign of the times in an increasingly ageing population. State of the art endourological, minimally invasive and microsurgical diagnostic and treatment methods in combination with drug therapies provide us with highly effective treatment options. Cross-disciplinary cooperation of various specialties is of critical importance in this field to ensure optimised patient care in accordance with international guidelines.

A main focus of urology are prostate disorders. Prostate cancer is the most frequent type of tumor in men, with an early detection resulting in a full recovery to health in many cases. Other urological types of tumors (kidney, bladder, testicles, penis) have a similarly high rate or recovery, provided the patient attends regular check-ups and anomalies are detected early. An exact therapy plan using the various options of surgical removal, radiation therapy or drug treatment is essential.

In addition to the traditional open surgery options for the treatment of urological disorders, we also offer state of the art minimally invasive (laparoscopy and other access options) as well as current diagnostic pro