Obstetrics, fertility treatment, or uterine disorders: we offer help and advice for typical women’s health issues. A team of gynaecologists with different subspecialties work hand in hand at MEOCLINIC for the benefit of our female patients. Their knowledge and experience covers all areas of conservative and surgical gynaecology. A holistic approach to every patient and her individual needs is the basic principle on which the gynaecological department at MEOCLINIC operates. An empathetic and insightful one-to-one marks the beginning of every treatment.

Our Experts

Our Service

  • Cancer screening and advice on a healthy lifestyle/preventative healthcareDiagnosis of and therapy for benign changes in the womb, fallopian tubes and breast
  • Contraception and unwanted pregnancies
  • Hormonal problems: irregular periods, PMS, androgenisation, the menopause
  • Diagnoses and treatment of infertility, partnering with special medical practices for reproductive medicine
  • Diagnoses of and therapies for psychosomatic symptoms
  • Immunisation
  • Care after cancer treatment
  • Examinations
  • Gynaecological check-ups including early detection of cancer
  • Ultrasounds of the womb, fallopian tubes, bladder
  • Ultrasounds of the female breast
  • Obstetric ultrasounds including 2b (organ) screening
  • Colposcopies and vulvoscopies, if necessary with biopsies of the cervix or external genitalia
  • Insertion of all types of coils including Gynefix IUDs, fitting of diaphragms
  • Antenatal and high-risk pregnancy care
  • Hormone consultations (hormonal problems, becoming pregnant, menopause)
  • Early detection of cancer
  • Alternative medicine

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