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In the MEOCLINIC surgery centre the key importance is given to the interdisciplinary collaboration between the different fields of medicine and the diagnostic imaging centre.

At the surgery centre our motto is to give all the attention to our patients.
At the beginning of every treatment the extensive and detailed therapeutic diagnosis is being done. After the detailed consultation with the patient, the doctor makes a diagnosis taking into account the patient’s individual characteristics.
An integral component of any successful surgical intervention is the patient trusting the surgeon. Therefore, each surgery is preceded by an informative conversation with the surgeon, as well as an extensive preoperative consultation during which the patient is explained the details of the operation, as well as the alternatives to surgical intervention.

The centre offers a wide range of various types of surgical intervention in the areas of general, visceral, vascular and pediatric surgery. Our areas of expertise include endocrine surgery, as well as minimally invasive abdominal surgery, and also the latest techniques in obesity surgery. We have extensive experience in the fields of vascular and pediatric surgery.
When preparing a patient for the operation, the preference is always given to the choice of the most gentle method of surgical intervention and to the minimally invasive techniques.

We offer outpatient and inpatient care (depending on the scope of the operation). As our doctors are specialized in approx. 30 areas of medicine, we can offer our patients a medical services package in accordance with their individual diagnosis and needs. All operations are planned and carried out within the shortest time scales and with pain management.

The atmosphere and comfort of our private clinic is comparable to a five-star hotel: we will be happy to fulfill all our guests’ wishes.

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