Don’t mind the gap? We do! Your smile is your calling card. The timing is entirely up to you. Busy managers with even busier calendars can still take advantage of our premium quality and state of the art dental treatment offering. Aesthetics, prophylactic treatments involving as little pain as possible, and of course maintaining as much of the natural dental substance as feasible are the main focal points for the dentistry department at MEOCLINIC.

This medical specialty is currently represented by four experienced dentists. The combination of their individual specialist areas ensure a well-rounded, comprehensive and customised dental service for each and every patient. All of the latest materials that have proven absolutely reliable over the past years are available for use according to your wishes. The use of laser technology, multimedia access at the treatment chair, plus oral cavity cameras to easily explain procedures are a matter of course in our hospital. State of the art prophylactic measures, periodontal treatments, and the placement of titanium implants (artificial dental roots) with or without additional bone reconstruction are just some of the options that form the standard offering of our dental service spectrum. The portfolio is complemented by the specialist areas of orthodontics, temporomandibular joint treatment, as well as oral and maxillo-facial surgery. Dental prophylaxis rounds off our spectrum of offered services at the MEOCLINIC’s dentistry department.

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