Close your eyes – and get well in your own time: A deep sleep precedes every operation. The treatment and management of pain has always been an important criterion at MEOCLINIC. The benefit of your temporary loss of consciousness is immense: Our excellent anaesthesia processes allow our patients the very shortest of waking and recuperation phases. A fast reconvalescence is greatly aided by that fact. The objective is to mute postoperative pain as much as possible in order to limit or even forego subsequent pain medication altogether. For you – our patient – that means:

  • Less pain in the aftermath of the operation
  • Reduced need for pain medication
  • Elimination of unwanted side effects.

We utilise all state of the art processes for general, local, and conductive anaesthesia. Furthermore, patient care is supported by perioperative pain management. That means: Immediate care is given by trained nursing personnel during the wake-up phase in state of the art wake-up rooms. Intensive medical care for relevant patients is provided in an equally well-equipped intensive care unit. We offer specific appointment times for in-depth information about anaesthesia before your operation.

Doctors of specialty

Ronald Thoms


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