MEOCLINIC – only those who feel well get well.

MEOCLINIC Management


MEOGROUP is led by our managing director Christoph Tismer. His leadership has helped us position ourselves with clear distinctions between MEOCLINIC, MEOPRAXEN, and MEOCHECK. Christoph Tismer furthermore focuses on maintaining the level of service offered at our facilities at that of a luxury hotel. When asked about his guiding principle, the economic law graduate, who has been with MEOGROUP since 2005, doesn’t hesitate: “Better is the enemy of good.” For him, searching for the “better” is the obvious obligation when it comes to the standards MEOGROUP sets for itself.

24-hour telephone

Our (customer/patient) service telephone is available for you around-the-clock. Call us!

Telephone: +49 30 2094-4000