• DR. MED. SHIGEO KASHIWAGI2018-08-31T19:19:17+00:00


    General practitioner; specialty: lifestyle related diseases and metabolic syndrome

    1969 – 1972

    Department of Medicine, Division of Psychosomatic Medicine, University Hospital Bonn

    1972 – 1979

    Department of Medicine, Ferdinand- Sauerbruch Klinikum, Wuppertal Specialist training and degree in internal medicine

    1976 – 1986

    Diabetes Research Institute, University Hospital, Düsseldorf
    Resarch Fellow and clinical assistant
    M.D. degree

    1986 – 2007

    Associate Partner in a private clinic of Nephrology
    Dialysis and Diabetes in Wuppertal

    2007 – present

    MEOPRAXEN, Berlin
    Special degree in Hypertensiology and Diabetology