MEOCLINIC – only those who feel well get well.

Welcome to MEOCLINIC

If you feel good you'll get better faster!

Situated in the centre of Berlin, in the business centre Quartier 206 on Friedrichstrasse, Meoclinic offers its patients the highest level of medical services combined with the comfort and atmosphere of a five star hotel. You can book an appointment with any of our specialists when it is convenient for you and within the shortest possible time. 50 doctors specializing in over 30 fields of medicine will be taking care of your health. Our specialists have access to the wide range of advanced diagnostic methods: modern x-ray equipment, CT and MRI, high resolution endoscopy and cardiac MRI.


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We believe that you will enjoy your experience at our clinic and its friendly atmosphere!
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MEOCLINIC Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

MEOCLINIC offers outstanding interdisciplinary in-patient and out-patient medical services in a wide range of fields.

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MEOCLINIC Specialists


We offer individual medical consultations and guarantee the maximum clarity approach and effective treatment based on the latest medical...

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24-hour telephone

Our (customer/patient) service telephone is available for you around-the-clock. Call us!

Telephone: +49 30 2094-4000